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The Colombo Gymkhana Club aspires to, and claims to have attained, the tag of “the best Sports and social club in the country.” To be sure, a lofty goal, and one that a number of social clubs in Colombo may entertain; is it then based on reality or merely pie in the sky? On the sporting front, the Colombo Gymkhana Club boasts of five sporting teams that feature in the premier division of their respective leagues. These Sports are rugby union and hockey, in the form of CH&FC (Colombo Hockey & Football Club), cricket in the form of the CCC (Colombo Cricket Club), tennis and squash in the form of the Colombo Queens Club. Taken separately, these three sporting institutions could well stand on their own two feet. Taken together, they represent the union of three of Sri Lanka’s most prestigious names. The achievements of each constituent element bear testimony to high standards of sporting ability and success. The CH&FC rugby team has at times, been virtually unbeatable, and have achieved success well beyond these shores. Read More