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Rugby [CH & FC]

A Rugby Legend who Captained Sri Lanka , first wore the CH & FC Jersey

Few individuals have impacted Sri Lanka Rugby as YC Chang Y C ( as the popularly know ) first had his introduction to Rugby at Trinity College kandy. Having mastered the fundamentals , he developed a real passion for the game. At the same time he forged strong bonds with some fellow rugby players. There relationship were to play a major role in his involvement in the game in later life. His introduction to the prestigious. Gymkhana Club and playing for CH & FC came about in 1971. Two decisive lactores influenced his decision. Firstly, two of his closed friends Dr. Hubert Aloysius and Noel Brohier (both star class players who went on to play to Sri Lanka) were currently playing for CH & FC The second was that his boss. George Gordon told him in no uncertain terms, that he was to play CH & FC since his subscription wasoved his class. Throughout 1972 he continued to lead the teem. That year two memorable things happened. The first came about while playing a match against Havelocks Sports Club. YC walked the team out begin paid for by the Company! The fact that this was conveyed to him ‘Over drink’ meant this was going to be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship he was characteristically put it. anyway this was no skin off my nose since i had no intention of playing for any other club other than CH & FC!YC then began playing under Damel Wimalaratne’s Captaincy in 1971 Unfortunately for Darrel, he sustained a bad knee injury and YC was called upon to ‘take over the reins’ The was remarkable. He had, in such a short time prof the field (this was unprecedented and a 1st in Sri Lankan Rugby history!!) This was in protest of the bad refereeing by a certain M Azain. For his season. The second memorable thing was that in spite of all this. the Rugby Union of Sri Lanka, recognizing his caliber, called on him lead the Sri Lanka side to ASIAS in Hong Kong! These decisions would not have been possible. were it not for the work of people like John Banks and Mark Bostock who lobbied on behalf and fought the conspiracies of the Sri Lanka Rugby Union it was saddled with members with blinkers on who could not see beyond the turf of the then Union Headquarters at Longdon place. the CH & FC teem under YC’s Captaincy went on to bring many more trophies to the Club. By the mid 80’s YC and many senior sportsmen of his era now look on an administrative role in the Club. YC’s astute leadership qualities did not unrecognized in region. He was selected President of SL Rugby Football Union (SLRFU) from 1985-88.

He was also elected President of the Asian Rugby Union were called upon in a different role. He was elected Chairman of the Club and held that position from 1984-1987 under his leadership the Club went on the grow and flourish. the star catering facility now available at the Club was onther facility YC introduced.

Today, YC’s is actively involved in many areas of administration. A life Member and a Trustee his advice and counsel is often sought after. Yet, he never fails to give credit to his colleagues and Club mates. He proudly sweeps his broad arm towards the Club and acknowledges the hard work and dedication that his achieved today is the vision and far sightedness of a few dedicated individuals. with always be ‘The Best Club’ in all of Sri Lanka